CCP nabízí okamžitou podporu pro výzkum Covid-19

CCP (Czech Centre for Phenogenomics) generates rodent models related to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the Covid-19 virus infection (e.g. several serine protease mouse mutant lines). Project proposals can be submitted by email to address Proposals will be evaluated and conducted with the highest priority.

Available resources, services and support

  1. Generation of rodent disease models (knockout, humanized, etc.), relevant for Covid-19 research. In particular, the CCP can offer several serine protease mouse mutant lines (Prss35, Prss12, Prss21, Prss33, Prss55, Prss37, Prss47, Prss54, Prss48, Prss44, Prss57, Klk12, Klk15, Klk11, Klk13, Klk10, Klk8, Klk5).
  2. Standard cryopreservation and archiving services (sperms and embryos) are maintained.
  3. Advanced secondary phenotyping pipelines relevant to lung inflammation and fibrosis (including state-of-the-art imaging, immunology, lung function).
  4. Pre-clinical testing (lung inflammation and fibrosis models – clinical biochemistry and histopathology are conducted under GLP conditions).
  5. Metabolomics and MALDI imaging from tissue samples and biopsies depending on capacities.

General service contact –
Model generation, archiving and distribution –
Phenotyping and preclinical service –

CCP is a member of INFRAFRONTIER (European Research Infrastructure for Generation, Phenotyping, Archiving and Distribution of Model Mammalian Genomes) and due to the comprehensive portfolio of its expertise – from the generation of mutant models to its knowledge of and experience with analysing the functions of genes and their mutations – it has also become a member of international consortium IMPC (International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium). CCP is working together with IMPC members on the ambitious goal, which is the description of the functions of all mammalian genes. CCP is currently working also on its entry into the EurOPDX European research infrastructure.

Czech Centre for Phenogenomics