ELIXIR CZ Friday Coffee 2021

ELIXIR CZ každý pátek organizuje webináře, kde je možnost seznámit s jejich portfoliem nástrojů a služeb. Registrace není požadována: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/508817845

Webová stránka akcí 

Záznam ze webinářů je k dispozici na  ELIXIR CZ YouTube channel.


9.4.2021 at 9:30 Edvard Ehler from Institute of Molecular Genetics will talk about AmtDB – database of ancient human full mitogenomes and sample metadata
Our AmtDB (https://amtdb.org/) represents today the most complete open online source of aDNA samples (mitogenomes) and additional information about the samples, their archaeological context, dating, location and publication. In last two years, we have updated our database significantly, adding new samples, tools and information. In my talk, I will shortly introduce the database, the novel features and its services it provides for ELIXIR users.

16.4.2021 at 9:30 Martin Čech from Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry will talk about Galaxy Project
Galaxy is a tool that assists scientists with making their software pipelines reproducible, portable, and easy to share. This session presents a 10,000 feet overview of the Galaxy Project – what it is, what it does and how to start using it. We’ll also cover communities like the Elixir Galaxy and currently forming Galaxy Czech.

23.4.2021 at 9:30 Vojtěch Spiwok from University of Chemistry and Technology will talk about Metadynminer and Metadynreporter

Biomolecular simulations are computationally expensive calculations. For this reason most simulations nowadays span nanosecond or microsecond time scales. Many interesting processes, such as protein-ligand binding or protein-folding take place in much longer time scales. Metadynamics is one of most popular method developed to accelerate molecular simulations. We have developed an R package Metadynminer for analysis and visualization of the results of metadynamics in popular R statistical package. Furthermore, we provide a Metadynreporter web service via a Galaxy portal.

30.4.2021 at 9:30 Pavel Polishchuk from Palacký University will talk about SPCI: Structural and physicochemical interpretation of QSAR models

The SPCI tool enables automatic building of quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) models and their interpretation. Interpretation is performed in terms of contribution of individual atoms or substructures into the modeling activity which information can be used for molecule optimization and visualization of structure-activity relationship captured by a model to better understand decision making of a model. The tool is available online https://spci.imtm.cz as well as a standalone application.