Health and food / biological and medical sciences

The biological and medical sciences related part of  the Roadmap of Large Research Infrastructures of the Czech Republic for the years 2023-2026 describes the area of biomedicine, food and nourishment. The large research infrastructures mentioned within, thus, cover a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines from basic research with systematic biological approaches to translational and clinical research that accelerates and supports the creation of new biotechnological specializations. The area of food and nourishment then covers a broad extent of agro-food sector challenges ranging from agricultural production of raw materials over technological manufacturing to the analysis of food safety and authenticity, as well as nutritional value, hygienic, technological and sensory quality. Here, the food area also connects to the large research infrastructures focused on environmental and social sciences and humanities to address the health impacts of other factors such as the environment and its degradation or changes in the socioeconomic environment.