Environmental sciences

The environmental research is closely connected not only with the ecology, which explores how the living organisms interact with the environment, but also with the earth sciences, trying to understand the complexity of functioning of the energy metabolism and biogeochemical cycles on our planet. The environmental research is focused also on studying the environmental interactions with the human society. These aspects are very important as the environment of our planet provides the life support that is essential for the very existence of the mankind, but also the ecosystem services which are basis for our economy. Besides complexity of subjects mentioned above the environmental issues have to deal with a large complexity of spatiotemporal scales. Many of key environmental processes take place on the micro-scale level, but their cumulative effect have global dimension and in the time-scale may exceed the human life span. Given these circumstances, the environmental sciences put their effort on a better understanding of these processes. Environmental-oriented large research infrastructures of the Czech Republic thus focus on providing a broad range of environmental R&D activities by means of enabling specific analysis, expertise and databases that are not available elsewhere.