Environmental sciences

The environmental sciences cover not only to ecology assessing relationships between environment and living organisms, but also geosciences striving to understand complex functions of the energetic metabolism or biogeochemical cycles on the Earth planet. The environmental research is also focused on interactions between environment, human individual and society as a whole including assessment of the regulation pathways. These aspects are crucially important since according to the “one-health” concept the Earth living environment determines the existence of life and survival of a humankind as such, its nutrition, health and wellbeing.

The environment provides the natural and ecosystem services supporting the existence of life and even though we tend to take these services for granted, the human activities can seriously threaten their future availability. The large research infrastructures of the Czech Republic operated in the environmental sciences support a wide range of research, development and innovation activities of their users and provide them with a technology, expertise and data hard to get elsewhere as well as with opportunity to collaborate on the data analysis and interpretation.