Physical sciences and engineering

Research, development and innovation in physics and technical sciences usually require large research infrastructures equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Such large research infrastructures provide opportunity not only to keep the pace with excellent research in particle and nuclear physics, but also to perform excellent research in material sciences and to develop instruments and structures used in further studies of specific properties of materials using both macroscopic and microscopic methods. Operations and further development of unique facilities is highly demanding from the financial point of view and it usually exceeds not only the capabilities of individual research organisations, but also those of regions and even states. One can achieve effective use of resources only by integration at the international level in the framework of research infrastructures at the service of the wider scientific community.

The landscape of physical sciences and engineering large research infrastructures included in the latest update to the Roadmap of Large Research Infrastructures of the Czech Republic for the years 2023-2026, therefore, consists of the large research infrastructures operated in the Czech Republic and numerous memberships of the Czech Republic in international research infrastructures located elsewhere in Europe and United States of America.