Research infrastructures operated in the physics usually require extensive, technologically demanding facilities, which allow not only to keep pace with the world-class nuclear and particle physics research, but also to perform excellent material development of structures, compositions and apparatuses for measuring the adequate sets of material parameters using complementary macro-scope and micro-scope methods. The technology development and operation of unique physical sciences R&D facilities is very costly and usually exceeds the financial resources of a single research organisation or even of a country or a macro-region. Their effective use can be achieved only by integrating these facilities in research infrastructures serving wider research community. The landscape of research infrastructures of the Czech Republic operated in the physical sciences area is thus complemented by participation in a number of international facilities located in Europe or in the United States. The landscape itself brings together large research infrastructures operated in the fields of nuclear and particle physics, radiation based physics, laser physics, material physics, astronomy and astrophysics.

Astronomy and astrophysics

Radiation based sciences

Material physics

Laser physics