High-quality information and communication technologies (ICT) with sufficient capacities are crucial for the most modern research, development and innovations. No research team can carry out excellent research, development and innovations without an adequate ICT background system. Irrespective of the particular scientific discipline this background system has many common features. These common ICT features are the basis for the build-up of a shared e-infrastructure the development and operation of which requires a proper care.

The key objective of the e-infrastructure is to provide a comprehensive portfolio of ICT services with both identical and guaranteed parameters. Thus, the research community has a unified ICT platform at hand, and individual research teams can fully focus only on the research, development and innovations activities, without need to address issues relating to processing, storage or transfer of data. Such an e-infrastructure that is based on the technologies for exchange, processing, storage and archiving of research data and interconnects geographically distributed research teams, their equipment and research infrastructures, is a pre-requisite for the interdisciplinary cooperation. The e-infrastructure e-INFRA CZ represents such capacities in the Czech Republic.