High quality and adequately dimensioned ICT are fundamental for modern R&D. No research team can be expected to carry out excellent R&D without solid ICT support. The main aim of an e-infrastructure is, therefore, to provide the research community with a comprehensive portfolio of the ICT services. Transparent availability of these ICT services (with the same and guaranteed parameters) means that the research community has a unified ICT platform at its disposal and individual teams can concentrate on R&D without the necessity of solving data processing, storage and transmission problems. The e-infrastructure of the Czech Republic, based on technologies for exchanging, storing and archiving R&D information as well as for interconnecting the geographically distributed research teams, equipment and infrastructures, is also a crucial supporter of the interdisciplinary cooperation. The pan-European e-infrastructure, which the e-infrastructure of the Czech Republic is an integral part of, then enables remote access also to unique research infrastructures physically located abroad to the Czech research infrastructures and research teams, thus eliminating the need of the Czech scientists to leave their country for accessing advanced research infrastructures abroad. Owing to its distributed character, the e-infrastructure of the Czech Republic contributes to a significant extent to improving the availability of the best, most advanced ICT services with the same parameters in all of the Czech regions. This is quite essential for maintaining and increasing the competitiveness of the Czech R&D and also the competitiveness of the Czech economy. Besides services for R&D, the Czech e-infrastructure provides a unique opportunity for experiments and deployment of new ICT by offering a testbed function on the basis of the availability and operation of the e-infrastructure. Thus, the e-infrastructure is also an accelerator for the overall ICT development and plays a fundamental role in building the information society.