European mission JUICE to Jupiter with Czech participation is ready for launch

The ESA’s (European Space Agency) JUICE (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer) mission, with important participation of Czech scientists and businesses, is …

29. 3. 2023

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Senate of the Czech Parliament hosted an astronomy conference

At the end of 2022, ESO (European Southern Observatory) celebrated its 60th anniversary, and, at the same time, it has …

22. 2. 2023

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eduroam reaches new heights – a new record of 6.4 billion authentications in 2022

When COVID-19 lockdowns started in early 2020 it was inevitable that usage of eduroam would initially suffer as travelling became …

21. 2. 2023

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CERN’s student programmes are open for applications until 27th March 2023

Czech university students now have a much bigger chance to be selected to the student programmes of CERN. This has …

13. 2. 2023

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Associate Professor Demlová became the new Vice-Chair of ECRIN Network Committee

The meeting of the ECRIN-ERIC Network Committee took place in Paris in early December. The aim of the meeting was …

12. 1. 2023

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Opportunity for Ukrainian biologists in Czechia

The EMBO/EMBC (European Molecular Biology Organisation) international organisation, participated by Czechia, and which provides courses, internships and grants for students …

10. 1. 2023

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ICRI 2022 Videos & Presentations

If you missed any of the presentations at ICRI 2022, want to watch them again, or just want to catch …

6. 1. 2023

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Large research infrastructures adopted by the Czech Government for public funding in 2023–2026

On Wednesday 14th December 2022, the Government of Czechia adopted a new multi-annual financial framework of large research infrastructures. Following …

14. 12. 2022

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