Social Sciences and Humanities

Social sciences and humanities make an important contribution to our understanding of the historical, social, economic, political and cultural aspects of life in the Czech Republic and helps develop expertise in promoting processes of integration of the Czech Republic into international structures in the EU and globally. Knowledge of cultural heritage, traditions, values and identity promotes the social cohesion as well as mutual understanding between the Czech and other societies, and between different social groups in the Czech Republic, and thus promotes cooperation and helps to mitigate social conflicts. Research addressing current and long-term issues in the social sciences and humanities areas includes demographic development, migration, social inequalities, ethnic and other diversities, gender inequalities, educational systems, economic development and job creation, welfare systems, health and wellbeing, regional development and many others. Consequently, this research provide politicians a platform for efficient evidence-based decision making processes and promotes the development of a knowledge-based economy, with clear implications for promoting competitiveness and quality of life.