Name: ACTRIS – participation of the Czech Republic

Institution: Czech Hydrometeorological Institute

Coordinator: Adéla Holubová Šmejkalová, Ph.D.;


ACTRIS-CZ provides expertise in the field of atmospheric sciences, in particular the research of atmospheric aerosols, clouds and trace gases. Activities of ACTRIS-CZ are performed at the National Atmospheric Observatory Košetice (NAOK), and Suchdol, Lom and Milešovka Observatory. A new very important facility is the Prague Aerosol Calibration Centre (PACC). The central station is NAOK as the station with the most extensive measurement programme and facilities designed for research internships, small workshops and conferences. The exclusivity of ACTRIS-CZ lies in the set of measured parameters, where the selected measurements are unique not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the Central European region. Owing to high-quality research, ACTRIS-CZ possesses up to 30 years of homogeneous data on air quality and meteorological parameters, a unique time series measuring the size distribution of aerosol particles and information on the impact of pollution on other components of the environment. The atmospheric tower with a height of 250 m expands the possibilities of ground research by measurement in a vertical profile and monitoring of long-range transport. ACTRIS-CZ provides open access to equipment, data sets and other products. ACTRIS-CZ represents the Czech national node to ACTRIS (Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure). ACTRIS-CZ is also linked to ICOS ERIC (Integrated Carbon Observation System) and EIRENE (Environmental Exposure Assessment Research Infrastructure).