Name: ACTRIS – participation of the Czech Republic

Institution: Czech Hydrometeorological Institute

Coordinator: RNDr. Milan Váňa, Ph.D.;


ACTRIS-CZ provides expertise in the field of atmospheric sciences, especially the research of atmospheric aerosols and trace gases. The capacity of ACTRIS-CZ is provided by NAOK (National Atmospheric Observatory Košetice) and by research and operating support from partner institutions. Some measurements being taken at ACTRIS-CZ are unique in the Czech Republic, especially the on-line measurements of aerosol physical and chemical properties, volatile organic compounds, base cations in the air and meteorological parameters measured in a vertical gradient up to 250 m above ground. ACTRIS-CZ is also unique (not only nationally, but globally) by the scope of measurements focused on airborne persistent pollutants. The uniqueness of ACTRIS-CZ is exemplified by the close work of 4 strong research partners with complementary expertise collaborating in the development of a multidisciplinary research field, the interconnection of atmospheric research to other compartments of the environment within the framework of integrated monitoring, the availability of a 30-year-long homogeneous air quality data series, a newly built 250 m tall atmospheric tower serving primarily for scientific purposes and close links between the field measurements and the available capacities of accredited laboratories. ACTRIS-CZ provides access to the equipment employed at NAOK and upon request, access to data sets and other products (standard operational procedures, calibration results). Moreover, technicians specialized in the field of air quality monitoring and scientific staff experienced in the validation, evaluation and multidisciplinary interpretation of measured data is at the users’ disposal. ACTRIS-CZ represents the Czech national node of the ACTRIS (Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure) European research infrastructure. The capacity of ACTRIS-CZ is also integrated into the ICOS ERIC (Integrated Carbon Observation System) European research infrastructure.