Name: Infrastructure for Promoting Metrology in Food and Nutrition in the Czech Republic

Institution:Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Coordinator: prof. Ing. Lenka Kouřimská, Ph.D.;


METROFOOD-CZ is a new and unique large research infrastructure in the field of food and nutrition. Its main objective is to operate and promote new interdisciplinary research from primary agricultural production, food processing and technology with respect to the quality, authenticity, safety and traceability of food, raw materials, food products and supplements. METROFOOD-CZ enables not only the use of top instrumentation for agricultural products and food analysis, the possibility of conducting experiments in experimental fields and stables, the development of new food products and the verification of innovative technologies, but also provides experts in the agro-food sector and corresponding metrology. METROFOOD-CZ focuses on the development and validation of analytical methods for determining the quality, safety and authenticity of food, feed and raw materials, and the preparation of new reference materials for quality assurance in the field of food and natural products analysis. Within open access, METROFOOD-CZ offers its unique experimental and instrumental capacities to research and application users in the form of expert analyses, the use of unique analytical instrumentation, the development of new products and the evaluation of hygienic-toxicological, nutritional and sensory food quality. The users of METROFOOD-CZ are public and private research laboratories and research groups active in various fields (e.g. metrology in the food industry, chemistry and food analysis, food composition, nutrition, food quality and safety, etc.) as well as food companies, consumers, public authorities, supervisory bodies and services. In addition, METROFOOD-CZ also offers services in the field of educating experts and the public, provides access to food composition databases and analytical methods, and contacts with international experts working in the field of food and nutrition. METROFOOD-CZ is the Czech national hub of the METROFOOD-RI (Infrastructure for Promoting Metrology in Food and Nutrition) European research infrastructure, which aims to achieve ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) status in the future.