Name: Czech National Infrastructure for Biological Data

Institution: Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Coordinator: prof. doc. RNDr. Jiří Vondrášek, CSc.; jiri.vondrasek@uochb.cas.cz


The current rate of the generation of experimental data in life sciences raises a problem of their exponentially increasing volume and further processing. The issue is not just the safe storage and access to data, but also the creation of tools for making an effective analysis that brings new knowledge. Another serious problem is the lack of data interoperability. ELIXIR-CZ is an open access research infrastructure for organizing, storing, sharing and facilitating the interoperability of data for further processing and analysis. It provides advanced tools and workshops that are related to data usage and provides specialized databases and tools for analysing biological data. The uniqueness of ELIXIR-CZ lies in the distinctive interconnection of expert teams of the consortium members that provide services (tools and databases), as well as e-infrastructure services and technical solutions. This strategy creates a bioinformatics platform for the broad research community. ELIXIR-CZ is a national node contributing to the European research infrastructure for biological data ELIXIR (European Life-Science Infrastructure for Biological Information). ELIXIR ensures connections on the highest possible level and integration with other biomedical research infrastructures. ELIXIR-CZ is a complementary and synergic large research infrastructure for most biomedical large research infrastructures operating at the national level, namely CZ-OPENSCREEN (National Infrastructure for Chemical Biology), CIISB (Czech Infrastructure for Integrative Structural Biology), NCMG (National Center for Medical Genomics), EATRIS-CZ (European infrastructure for translational medicine), Czech-BioImaging (National Research Infrastructure for biological and medical imaging) and BBMRI-CZ (Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure).