Deputy Minister Pavel Doleček met with President of CERN Council

Prague, 27th May 2019 – Deputy Minister for Higher Education, Science and Research at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Pavel Doleček welcomed Ursula Bassler, President of the Council of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN), in Prague.

At their joint meeting, Pavel Doleček and Ursula Bassler discussed in particular the election procedure of the next CERN Director General and the implementation of measures to increase the benefits of the Czech membership in this international R&D organization, which are already at an extraordinarily high level. Currently, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports is negotiating an increase in the number of Czech students at CERN and support for start-up companies in transferring the CERN´s technologies and expertise to the market via the CERN Business Incubation Centre, which will be established in the Czech Republic. During her visit in the Czech Republic, Ursuala Bassler will also debate with the Czech research community about the update of the European Strategy of Particle Physics, which will shape the future approaches in this scientific field.

Ursula Bassler is the President of CERN Council since 1st January 2019. She also serves as the Deputy Director of French National Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics (IN2P3-CNRS). In the past she acted in different research infrastructures in the areas of particle and nuclear physics (in DESY, Germany, or in Fermilab, U.S.) and important advisory bodies (e.g. High Energy Physics Advisory Panel of the U.S. Department of Energy).

CERN is an international R&D organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland, which operates the largest laboratory in particle physics worldwide. The main research infrastructure of CERN is the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and experiments ATLAS, CMS, ALICE, LHCb and a number of other non-LHC experiments. The Czech Republic is a Member State of CERN since 1991.