Opportunity for Ukrainian biologists in Czechia

The EMBO/EMBC (European Molecular Biology Organisation) international organisation, participated by Czechia, and which provides courses, internships and grants for students and scientists in biological disciplines, has prepared a special grant opportunity for Ukrainian biologists in Czechia.

The offer applies to scientists or students with an affiliation to a Ukrainian university or research institute, who are currently working at a Czech research institution, have moved to Czechia after the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine and therefore have the refugee status.

The grant is offered for one year, but can be extended for another year if funds are available. The amount of the grant depends on the qualifications of the beneficiary:

  • D. students: up to EUR 2 000 per months (24 000 EUR per year);
  • Postdocs: up to 3 000 EUR per months (36 000 EUR per year);
  • Professors and group leaders: up to 4,000 euros per month (48,000 euros per year).

In addition to the basic grant, it is possible to apply for a childcare allowance or other benefits, such as free participation in professional courses organised by EMBO.

The grant is competitive, the criteria for awarding the grant is the quality of the project the beneficiary is working on in Czechia, as evaluated by the EMBO expert committee. Applications are accepted until 15th February 2023. More detailed information can be found at the EMBO edicated website. Related questions can be sent to yip@embo.org