CATPRO offers assistance in the fight against Covid-19

CATPRO (Efficient Use of Energy Resources Using Catalytic Processes), a research infrastructure newly built within the UniCRE research and development centre, is focused on experimental chemistry with specialization on transfer of laboratory scientific research to industry. Implementation measures are using sophisticated pilot and test equipment. CATPRO has the potential, in the context of the events that are happening regarding the spread of Covid-19, to contribute to the use of experimental research pilot chemical facilities in developing means to mitigate the Covid-19 outbreak.

The basic characteristics of CATPRO experimental pilot units are as follows – continuous operation; research reactor volume from 10 ml to 2000 ml; temperatures up to 500 °C; pressures up to 20 MPa; numerous opportunities to study chemical syntheses, catalytic reactions of hydrogenation, selective hydrogenation, hydrocracking, oxidation-reduction, deoxygenation, etc. Pilot units are complemented by the pilot plant distillation. The set of experimental apparatus is directly and/or indirectly linked to an extensive set of state-of-the-art analytical equipment.

The CATPRO research infrastructure – provided within the UniCRE research and development centre – represents a unique infrastructure for scientific research, technology development and innovations, both in and outside the Czech Republic, and it represents a fully transparent environment, providing comprehensive capacities and resources for the acquisition of scientific knowledge in chemistry and for transfer of laboratory results to industry implementation.

CATPRO – Efficient Use of Energy Resources Using Catalytic Processes