Czech e-infrastructure is offering ICT services for Covid-19 related studies

In the light of the current events regarding the spread of new strain of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and Covid-19 disease, Czech e-infrastructure e-INFRA CZ offers priority access to resources and services for projects focused on mitigating the pandemic spread. For these purposes, e-INFRA CZ offers services and knowledge in the areas of remote collaboration, computation, data storage, and computer networking.

Computational services include supercomputer resources at the IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center, as well as distributed computing resources of the MetaCentrum infrastructure. Storage services include sync’n’share solution based on the ownCloud, FileSender services, file system access, and object storage. Storage services are fully integrated into the computation environment and offer capacities in PB ranges. Resources for real-time collaboration with simple web based access are available to distributed teams. Services of e-INFRA CZ are available to scientists operating in the Czech Republic and to the groups from abroad cooperating directly with teams from the Czech Republic.

Those with need of resources or capacity to help with fighting the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and Covid-19 disease in any one of the above mentioned categories may contact the e-INFRA CZ team at The supercomputing resources of IT4Innovations can be allocated according to the procedure . CESNET information about the Covid-19 and related services is available on the website.

e-INFRA CZ provides unique e-infrastructure for research, development and innovation in Czechia, which offers a fully transparent environment ensuring comprehensive capacities and resources for transferring, storing and processing scientific data for all the entities engaged in research, development and innovation across various sectors. e‑INFRA CZ interconnects all 3 national e-infrastructures in the Czech Republic – CESNET (e-Infrastructure CESNET), CERIT-SC (CERIT Scientific Cloud) and IT4Innovations (IT4Innovationss National Supercomputing Centre).

e-INFRA CZ – e-Infrastructure of Czech Republic