Central-East European societies on the map of Europe Conference


European Social Survey invites you to a conference of “Central-East European societies on the map of Europe”, which takes place on 7-8th June 2018 in Budapest.
The conference is focused on research by companies in Central and Eastern Europe using data from the European Social Survey.


  1. personal and institutional trust
  2. attitudes towards social well-being
  3. attitudes towards migrants and migration
  4. causes and consequences of social and personal well-being
  5. social inequalities in health
  6. attitudes to climate change and energy use
  7. individual values ​​- Schwartz Value Maps
  8. understanding and evaluation of democracy and political preference

Send your abstracts of up to 500 words and 3-5 keywords by 6 March 2018 to messing.vera@tk.mta.hu or sagvari.bence@tk.mta.hu.

Up to 12 conference participants can get a grant for accommodation and travel.

For more information follow the link.