HiLASE: New Lasers for Industry and Research


Hosting institution: Institute of Physics, CAS

“Superlasers for the real world” – this is the core mission of HiLASE. The HiLASE team is dedicated to developing a new generation of fully diode-pumped solid-state lasers with high pulse energy and high repetition rate. Thanks to this technology, our lasers are much stronger, more powerful, more compact, and more stable than the devices currently available.

“Applications for high-tech industry” – the largest added value of the Centre is a unique combination of experimental laser development and advanced industrial applications under one roof. Thanks to the close cooperation with hi-tech companies and knowledge of their needs, HiLASE focuses mainly on the preparation of novel and functional materials, enhancing their durability and laser micro-machining.

The HiLASE Research Infrastructure represents an excellent technological infrastructure in the field of application-oriented laser research and development at European level. HiLASE is the winner of the prestigious HiLASE Center of Excellence grant – the first project in the Czech Republic to be funded under the „Widespread Teaming “ programme within Horizon 2020.

Future development

In order to expand the application potential, HiLASE will focus primarily on upgrades of existing laser systems and technologies. These include further development of kW-class, diode pumped, thin-disk laser systems for industrial and scientific applications, resulting in an efficient generation of THz waves with a picosecond pulse duration and high average power output, or the implementation of a compact EUV source for metrology, lithography and micro-processing. The development and optimization of the 100 J/10 Hz laser system Bivoj towards the repetition rate of 100 Hz with limited output energy and short pulse, will play a key role. The development of high repetition rate amplifier technologies and their applications will include intelligent diagnostic system for LIDT station or advanced methods for laser processing and micro-machining of special materials, for example.

Socio-economic impact

The results of research carried out at the HiLASE research infrastructure will simplify and streamline production in a number of industrial companies in the Czech Republic and abroad. HiLASE infrastructure has considerable potential to increase the overall quality of research in the Czech Republic, its impact on the industrial and user sectors, and the international competitiveness of the country. HiLASE is very active in the field of education and popularization of science in order to find and further develop talents and guide them towards further professional development with a focus on Centre‘s R&D activities. HiLASE also makes a significant contribution to the development of the STAR (Science and Technology Advanced Region) region in which the research infrastructure is located.