CEITEC MUNI in Brno is organising a “Core Facilities Day” presenting state-of-the-art facilities on November 1, 2023

Doing 21st century science means keeping up with the latest technologies and trends. Today’s laboratories can’t do without innovative instruments and highly skilled teams of scientists and technicians that with overlap other scientific or technical fields.

 You don’t have to travel far for cutting-edge laboratory equipment; modern research facilities providing the latest technologies can be found on the Masaryk University campus in Brno-Bohunice, and on Wednesday 1st November 2023 at Core Facility Day 2023 you will learn what services they offer through expert presentations. This event is traditionally organized by CEITEC MUNI and in its third year, it will be joined by the Faculty of Science MUNI with the RECETOX research infrastructure, and the Faculty of Medicine MUNI with the CZECRIN infrastructure presentations.

Register for Core Facility Day and come in person or join online by following the schedule at the link provided. The event will be held in English.

 CEITEC MUNI is committed to making scientific research independent and modern technology accessible to all who want to advance science to discover something new or commercialize their existing research. Therefore, shared and independent laboratories, the so-called core facilities, are available not only to users at CEITEC MUNI and scientists and students of Masaryk University, but also to external users from academia and industry from the Czech Republic and abroad. Teams of experienced scientists will help with the operation of state-of-the-art instruments and, if necessary, with training in their use, and thanks to funding projects, the services of shared laboratories are not expensive, users only pay a contribution for additional consumables and technical support, not the full costs of the experiments.

And for what expertise you can come to CEITEC MUNI? You will find laboratories dedicated to biophysical methods, proteomics, genomics, light microscopy imaging, and cryo-electron microscopy. Among other things, the facilities have extensive infrastructure for plant research, a laboratory for multimodal and functional imaging, and, last but not least, specialists in bioinformatics and data processing.

The RECETOX research infrastructure offers not only the analysis of chemical contamination of natural matrices, indoor environment, food, water, cosmetics, or products, as well as the analysis of chemical exposure of humans, but also methods for the evaluation of the pathways of action of toxic mixtures, quantitative and screening methods for the analysis of metabolic and protein biomarkers, methods for the analysis of the microbiome or microfluidics methods.

CZECRIN offers its users a complete service for the preparation and implementation of clinical research of various types in different branches of medicine. Interested parties can take advantage of certified laboratories in a clean room regime designed for the production of investigational medicinal products for modern therapies. In addition, CZECRIN offers a comprehensive system of training in the field of clinical research.

You can find out what each laboratory does and what services they provide at the links below, where you can also see a list of their instrumentation. Most of the CEITEC MUNI core facility profiles also have a link on their pages to a virtual tour that will take you right into the heart of the action.