ESS ERIC call for round 12 rotating modules

Teams of researchers with an interest in comparative social science are invited to submit applications for modules of questions to be fielded as part of the round 12 of the European Social Survey (ESS). ESS is an academically-driven cross-nationally comparative social survey designed to chart and explain the interaction between Europe’s changing institutions and the attitudes, beliefs and behaviour patterns of its diverse populations. The ESS round 12 will be fielded in 2025 across Europe. The deadline for the stage 1 applications for rotating modules is 6th May 2022.

Call for round 12 rotating modules

ESS questionnaire

The ESS questionnaire consists of two elements: a core module of substantive and socio-demographic items which remains identical across rounds; and two rotating modules, of up to 30 items each, which vary from round to round. Each rotating module covers a single academic and/or policy concern within Europe and is drafted by a competitively selected team. The chosen Question Module Design Teams (QDTs) work closely with the Core Scientific Team (CST) of the ESS to develop their rotating modules. More information can be found at Call for Proposals | European Social Survey (ESS).

European Social Survey – Monitoring Social Change in Europe since 2002

ESS-CZ Czech national node

Czechia participates in the biennial face-to-face interviews elaborated by ESS from the beginning of this extensive survey in 2001. The Czech participation in the survey is coordinated by the ESS-CZ large research infrastructure, hosted by the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences. In November 2013, ESS was awarded the European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) status, and Czechia thus became a Founding Member of the ESS ERIC consortium involved in all the already conducted survey rounds.