The exhibition “Food as You Don’t Know It”

The exhibition “Food as You Don’t Know It” represents a collection of photomicrographs of various natural and synthetic substances from which food is made. Thanks to the multiple magnification the visitor can look into the world of the beauty of food and the secrets of natural sciences.

The panel exhibition in the museum will offer 20 photographs and the online exhibition 27 photographs of vitamins, proteins, starches, fiber, sweeteners and useful mushrooms. It introduces the visitors to the eye invisible particles of sugar, yeast or bamboo fiber.

The photographs were taken in the Laboratory of Electron Microscopy (LEM), Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague with the use of JEOL 6380 LV scanning electron microscope with the magnification 250–2000. The author of the photos is MgA. Martin Hrubý, production was done by Mgr. Helena Kavanová and professional cooperation by Ing. Jana Rysová.

We also thank RNDr. Miroslav Hyliš, Ph.D.

You can see the photos here: or

Large Research Infratructure: METROFOOD-CZ

VLÁKNINY | Psyllium | zvětšení: 700x