4th Meeting of the EU-Latin America and the Caribbean Working Group on Research Infrastructures

The 4th meeting of EU-Latin America and the Caribbean Working Group on Research Infrastructures was held in the capital of Costa Rica, San José, on 26th – 28th November 2019. The meeting was accompanied by the policy workshop on governance of research infrastructures. Based on the opening lecture held by Prof Marialuisa Lavitrano, the possibilities and examples of good practice in setting up the organisational structure and management of research infrastructures, including possible types of legal entities, were discussed. These were further analysed on two specific examples – LifeWatch ERIC and CeNAT (Centro Nacional de Alta Tecnología).

The results of study visits carried out in May – June were presented during the Working Group meeting. Within these visit, representatives of European research infrastructures visited 5 selected research infrastructures in Latin America and, vice versa, Latin American representatives visited 4 European research infrastructures operated in the fields of clinical trials, supercomputers, solar energy and biodiversity. Visits have already led in several cases to the establishment of long-term interregional cooperation.

In Latin America, research infrastructures are currently being intensively mapped and are published at http://celac.d2c2.gub.uy/en/home-page/. Furthermore, the Latin American Strategic Forum for Research Infrastructures (LASF4RI), a strategic forum inspired by the European Strategic Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI), was also set up. More detailed information on EU-Latin America and the Caribbean cooperation is available at https://www.eucelac-platform.eu/.

Photo: LifeWatch ERIC