E-infrastructure CESNET

CESNET – website

Hosting institution: CESNET, z. s. p. o., Prague

CESNET is a unique e-infrastructure for R&D in the Czech Republic representing transparent environment for transfer, storage and processing of scientific data for subjects involved in R&D, regardless of scientific field they are focused on. The main components of CESNET e-infrastructure comprise high throughput national communication infrastructure, National Grid Infrastructure, data storage infrastructure and an environment for collaboration of distributed teams. These main components of CESNET e-infrastructure are complemented with tools and services of e infrastructure resource access control, tools for ensuring secure communication and data protection. CESNET has more than 20 years of experience providing high quality, flexible, secure and reliable complex of ICT services for research community fully comparable with similar foreign e-infrastructures. In international context the CESNET is in a part of GÉANT pan-European Research and Education Network and EGI pan-European Grid Infrastructure.

Future development

The CESNET e-infrastructure development will be based on innovation of e-infrastructure itself and development and experimental operation of its new components. In all of these areas the requirements of user communities and global trends in the ICT with strong respect to users´ security, data privacy as well as to economic efficiency and effectiveness and to environmental impact will be taken into account.

Socio-economic impact

CESNET creates a communication and information base for R&D on both national and international level and provides an integrated portfolio of ICT services, which modern R&D cannot exist without. CESNET also positively impacts on the reduction of imbalances between different regions in the Czech Republic caused by differing rates of development and availability of new technologies for the research community. Higher productivity in R&D has direct positive impact on business and economy. Beside that CESNET e infrastructure helps to broaden spectra of knowledge and to increase the level of education in ICT area in a common sense.