Spain becomes an Observer of the BBMRI European research infrastructure

The Kingdom of Spain has been officially confirmed as a new Observer in the BBMRI-ERIC (Biobanks and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure Consortium) European research infrastructure consortium, focused on biobanking and biomolecular research, with the statutory seat based in Graz, Austria. As one of the founding Members, the Czech Republic also participates in the consortium – via the BBMRI-CZ large research infrastructure. The BBMRI European research infrastructure processes and stores the human biological material and associated clinical data in the long term and makes them available to scientific users. The BBMRI-ERIC consortium brings together over 700 biobanks operated by its Members. The BBMRI-ERIC Directory is the largest sample catalogue in the world, thus fulfilling the BBMRI’s main mission to facilitate access to biological samples, data and biomolecular resources.

Spanish national node of BBMRI-ERIC

Spain will be represented in the BBMRI-ERIC consortium by the Carlos III Institute of Health, a public research agency linked to the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. Spain thus becomes the 23rd Member of BBMRI-ERIC. The National Platform for Biobank and Biomodels of the same institute also becomes the Spanish national node of BBMRI-ERIC. Its main purpose is to provide high-level scientific, technical and technological support to research, development and innovation projects in the medical sciences and technologies, as well as foster innovation in the medical technologies, by supplying high-quality human biological samples and associated data. This network is made up of 39 institutions in Spain, grouping hospital biobanks and their regional networks, network biobanks, biobanks of the main medical research institutes, and biobanks of research centres and universities.

It is with such a great pleasure I welcome Spain to BBMRI-ERIC. Spanish biobanks are now connected to the world like never before. At the same time, researchers and biobankers from the Spanish national node will have access to additional knowledge in quality management, ELSI, IT tools, and tailor-made guidance by BBMRI-ERIC that will support their current development,” says the BBMRI-ERIC’s Director General Jens Habermann.