ELIXIR CZ Friday Coffee 2021

Every Friday ELIXIR CZ organizes webinars to explore their portfolio of tools and services.

Webinar webpage

Recordings are published at ELIXIR CZ YouTube channel.


 5.2. at 9:30 IDSM : Integrated Database of Small Molecules.
Take a look at the webminar and give us your feedback.
 12.2. at 9:30 INTAA and 3DPatch : exploration of energetics and conservation in biomolecular 3D structures.
 19.2. at 9:30 MolMeDB : small Molecules interactions with Membranes DataBase.
 26.2. at 9:30 ELIXIR CZ possibilities for precision medicine.



 5.3. at 9:30  Data Management with Data Stewardship Wizard.
12.3. at 9:30  GlobalFungi database – global fungal community composition obtained by NGS.
19.3. at 9:30  MolStar visualization of biomacromolecules.
26.3. at 9:30  Nucleic Acid Conformations (dnatco.datmos.org).