Czech Literary Bibliography


Hosting institution:

  • Institute of Czech Literature, CAS

CLB is a primary research infrastructure for Czech literary studies and associated humanities disciplines. CLB carries on the almost 70-year tradition of compiling specialist bibliographies at the Institute of Czech Literature, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, and continues to develop it. Within this framework a set of bibliographical databases is being compiled and supplemented on an ongoing basis, as well as being systematically utilized at a professional level, consistently mapping out literary life in the Czech lands from the first stirrings of the National Revival to the present, along with associated information resources (biographical databases, digital libraries, literary award databases, etc.). CLB resources are used as source material for valued synthetic work (e.g. the Lexicon of Czech Literature and the Dictionary of Post-1945 Czech Literature). CLB research infrastructure offers unlimited online access to extensive database corpora that are updated on an ongoing basis in real time. CLB also focuses on the development of ancillary software aids. CLB staff are also preparing personnel and subject bibliographies, which are not infrequently booksized. Not least, the CLB is engaged in tuition and education, inter alia in the direct involvement of university students in CLB data processing. CLB also have a clear international dimension, particularly for German-Czech and Slavonic research, as well as national philology and associated humanities disciplines.