Centre of Materials and Nanotechnologies

CEMNAT – website

Hosting institution: University of Pardubice

The CEMNAT enables R&D activities in materials sciences with use in photonics, electronics, photovoltaics and catalysis. Based on its resources the research infrastructure CEMNAT provides synergic opportunities to external users from research and industrial sector. The portfolio of expertise in synthesis, characterization and applications of both inorganic and organic materials focuses on applications in photonics (metamaterials, 3D photonic crystals, opals), electronics and electrical engineering (memories, thin conducting layers, RFID antennas), renewable energy resources (1D nanotubes and nanoparticles for solar cells and baterries) and chemically active surfaces (zeolites, silica, alumina as membranes or nanofibers). Services of the CEMNAT include consultancies, syntheses or characterizations of materials. The instrumental equipment of the CEMNAT comprises dual SEM/FIB microscope including various funcionalities, SEM+EDX, DSC, TG-GS-MS, ALD, PVD, PLD or flash-evaporation, photo- and electro-chemical work stations, tool for nanofiber synthesis, glove boxes, flow box, optical microscopes and spectro photometers, laser setups.

Future development

The CEMNAT will focus on research of high performance materials, their characterization and exploitation in applications. The aim will be given to amorphous chalcogenides (bulks, thin films) and nanostructured inorganic oxides (nanotubes, nanofibers, nanoparticles). Applications of these materials will be in electronics, optics, solar cells, energy storage, catalysis.

Socio-economic impact

The instrumental equipment and expertise of the CEMNAT will assure effective technology transfer and development of cooperation of the research infrastructure users with industry. The CEMNAT will also focus on education of qualified young researchers through advanced master and doctoral programmes.