Name: VR-1 – Training Reactor for Research Activities

Institution: Czech Technical University in Prague

Coordinator: doc. Ing. Ľubomír Sklenka, Ph.D.; lubomir.sklenka@fjfi.cvut.cz


Training Reactor VR-1 is a state-of-the-art experimental instrument used for the education of bachelor, master and Ph.D. students in the field of nuclear engineering from both the Czech Republic and abroad. Research and development activities are mainly focused on current challenges in nuclear energy development; particularly, on the safe operation of nuclear installations, theoretical and experimental reactor physics, nuclear safety and nuclear fuel cycles. Research and development works at the reactor are focused on the development of new technologies which can be applied in various nuclear applications, such as research on pyroelectric neutron generators and the development of diamond detectors for monitoring the safe operation of nuclear reactors. The experimental instrumentation of the VR-1 reactor and its laboratories allows for industrial partners to develop of new instrumentation and devices or to innovate industrial processes. Studying the influence that radiation has on various materials or testing a new generation of neutron detectors can be mentioned as examples. Apart from traditional nuclear research, the VR-1 reactor also enables users to conduct various multidisciplinary research that combines nuclear technology and natural sciences, social sciences or humanities, such as the study of mammoth bone composition, the study of traditional Tibetan medicines or technology-policy research in nuclear safeguards and security. The reactor provides state-of-the-art experimental education in nuclear engineering and neutron applications, thus significantly increasing the quality of education at the bachelor, master and Ph.D. levels in the Czech Republic and abroad. Students often use the reactor within individual student research projects and bachelor, master, and Ph.D. theses in experimental research in the safe operation of nuclear reactors, reactor physics and neutron applications. The Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague as the operational organisation of the VR-1 reactor is a member of various educational and research networks, e.g. EERRI (Eastern European Research Reactors Initiative), RROG (Research Reactors Operators Group) and ENEN (European Nuclear Education Network). The reactor’s staff closely collaborates with IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) and through its several regional projects focused on Europe, Asia and Latin America, the reactor’s staff collaborate with researchers at research reactors worldwide.