Sustainable Energy

SUSEN – website

Hosting institution: Research Centre Řež

Partner institution: University of West Bohemia in Pilsen

Research infrastructure SUSEN is focused on R&D with emphasis on research for nuclear technology and energy. Within the framework of nuclear research, the research infrastructure is used to solve problems related both to power production through the thermonuclear fusion and fission, but also for non-nuclear application. Technological and laboratory equipment is used for 4 basic research programs: (1) Technological Experimental Circuits; (2) Structural and System Diagnostics; (3) Nuclear Fuel Cycle; and (4) Material Research. All research programs SUSEN are part of the National Action Plan for the Development of Nuclear Energy in the Czech Republic. Nuclear and energy research has a highly transnational character. Projects implemented using the SUSEN Research Infrastructure are part of research programs of European and worldwide consortiums focusing not only on safety and reliability of operation of existing nuclear reactors and prolonging their lifetime but especially on R&D of next generations of nuclear reactors (e.g. ALFRED – Advanced Lead Fast Reactor European Demonstrator, FHR – Fluoride Salt-Cooled High Temperature Reactor or ALLEGRO – Gas-Cooled FastReactor Demonstrator) and the development of the fusion reactors ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) and DEMO (DEMOnstration Power Plant). Among others the research Infrastructure SUSEN includes specially designed loops for simulating operational conditions of next generation reactors, system of hot cells for the processing of irradiated samples, chemical and technological laboratories for research of waste processing and disposal, irradiation workplaces with strong sources of ionizing radiation for research of interaction of radiation with materials, laboratories for simulation of severe accidents, including the so-called cold crucible for high-temperature melt materials, the centre of high sensitivity analytical instruments, cycle heat stress testing device and the model of test blanket module for research ITER, laboratories for conducting material tests etc.

Future development

The development of the SUSEN research infrastructure will be linked to the development needs of technologies related to the research of reactors GEN IV, nuclear fusion but also non-nuclear applications and higher interconnection with research infrastructure Reactors Řež. For example new test sections and circuits of loops and their modification for insertion into the core of LVR-15 reactor or LR-0 reactor, cooperation in development of methodologies and testing of irradiated structural materials in laboratories and hot cells of infrastructure SUSEN. The further development of SUSEN will be influenced by the development of user’s requirements on this research infrastructure in the context of new projects and in line with research and development of the fusion reactor and the requirements for extending the availability of existing energy facilities.

Socio-economic impact

International range and uniqueness of research infrastructure SUSEN contributes to the development of a highly professional competencies of researchers, technical personnel and students of bachelor, master and postgraduate studies. The research activities carried out by using the infrastructure SUSEN contribute to the Czech Republic’s energy security, reduce of greenhouse gas emissions and the safe operation of both present and future generations of fission and fusion reactors.