Name: Jules Horowitz Reactor – participation of the Czech Republic

Institution: Research Centre Řež s.r.o.

Coordinator: Ing. Petr Březina; petr.brezina@cvrez.cz


JHR-CZ is a research infrastructure that will allow for the participation of the Czech Republic in JHR (Jules Horowitz Reactor). JHR is a material testing reactor for the research and development and qualification of materials and nuclear fuel. The related studies contribute to improving the safety of both existing and future nuclear reactors. JHR will allow researchers to test materials under the conditions of power reactors, to speed up the modelling of the degradation of materials and to evaluate the end of life properties of components. Research results will be useful in both medicine and the energy industry. JHR will support a broad range of irradiation tests, such as fuel studies covering selection and characterisation, testing the behaviour of fuel subjected to power transients, the evaluation of fuel in normal and beyond-design and accidental conditions, materials studies consisting of, e.g., clad corrosion, high dose rate on cladding and structural materials. The portfolio of provided expertise and services also includes nuclear waste management and medical applications. JHR is provided by an international consortium of research and industrial organisations from Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, India, Israel, Japan, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The European Commission is also a partner of the JHR project. JHR-CZ ensures the Czech Republic's involvement in JHR’s construction and participates in its construction via the delivery of so-called hot cells. Thanks to the delivery of this component, the Czech Republic will have access to JHR’s measuring capacity up to 3% after the start of the JHR operational phase. On the basis of an open access policy, JHR-CZ will subsequently provide the Czech Republic's research community with access to JHR’s capabilities. At the same time, the research infrastructure will train a new generation of scientists and engineers who will also have access to JHR through the Czech Republic. As part of the preparatory experimental work of JHR, JHR-CZ is involved in, among other things, the FIJHOP (Foundation for Future International Jules Horowitz Experimental Programs).