CVVOZE Power Laboratories

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Hosting institution: Brno University of Technology

The research infrastructure CVVOZEPowerLab consists of 2 special laboratories at Science and Technology Park of Professor List. The technology of the High Current Laboratory enables the generation of alternate currents up to a 150 kA magnitude at a 250 V voltage and direct currents up to a 50 kA magnitude at a 1000 V voltage. The second shielded High Voltage Laboratory enables the generation of a 300 kV AC voltage with a maximum of 1 A current and the DC voltage pulses of both polarities up to 1000 kV with up to 100 kJ energy. The attenuation of the laboratory shielding equals 90 dB in the frequency range 30 MHz to 1 GHz for the electric field and over 60 dB in the frequency range 10 kHz to 30 MHz for the magnetic field. Portfolio of the research infrastructure expertise covers research fields such as electrical switching technology adapted to DC equipment, physics of the electric arc during a switching process, faults in the structure of insulation materials and methodology of EMC measurement and testing. Provided services include power tests, withstand currents, strong magnetic field and magnetization tests, current wave tests and tests of fast energy storage devices, impulse testing and discharge tests, diagnostics of liquid insulation media and diagnostics of electric arc. CVVOZEPowerLab research infrastructure is a member of DERlab association (European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories e. V.).

Future development

In the future, the CVVOZEPowerLab research infrastructure will focus on improvement of the accuracy of measuring equipment and extension of the possible measuring conditions. In accordance with this new apparatus is planned, such as DC system for partial discharge measurements, radio interference voltage measurement system, system for measurement of high intensity pulsed fields and small climate box or encapsulated vessel for experiments with gaseous insulators.

Socio-economic impact

Producers of low and middle voltage network components represent very important part of industry in the Czech Republic. In the context of smart grid development there are many new challenges and opportunities for development of new network components and the research infrastructure CVVOZEPowerLab is going to play a key role in activities with a vast influence on the position of the Czech producers in the global market. CVVOZEPowerLab brings new possibilities for high quality education and basic and applied research in the electro-energetic areas mentioned above.