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Hosting institution: Institute of Molecular Genetics, CAS

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Thanks to the rapid technological development, the innovative imaging technologies enable observing previously hidden life processes inside cells, tissues and whole organisms. Therefore, imaging has truly become one of the main drivers of research in biological and medical sciences. Czech BioImaging is built as a distributed research infrastructure of imaging core facilities in the Czech Republic. It will offer open access to a broad portfolio of imaging techniques and expertise for acquiring completely new research data. Alongside, it will enhance the qualification of researchers and students in this area through training programmes. Czech-BioImaging addresses needs in imaging at various levels – from imaging of organisms, tissues and cells, down to imaging of cell organelles, transport, biomolecules and their interactions in health and disease. Czech BioImaging offers access to a broad range of imaging technologies, e.g. advanced light and fluorescence microscopy, super-resolution microscopy, electron microscopy, correlative light and electron microscopy, sample preparation, neuroscience imaging, magnetic resonance, magnetic particle imaging, and image data analysis. Czech-BioImaging is a member of the pan European research infrastructure Euro-BioImaging.

Future development

Basic and applied research in biology, medicine and other research areas require in-vivo insight into live organs and tissues as a very important part of a multi-level and multidisciplinary approach. Czech-BioImaging will provide the necessary expertise and guidance starting from designing an experiment to data analysis. It will also conduct its own research aiming to improve existing imaging methods or to develop new methods and data processing strategies for the study of animate as well as inanimate matter, thus establishing a bridge between life and material sciences. Czech-BioImaging multidisciplinary teams will provide the research community with a professional base necessary for the effective solution of newly emerging needs in the area of imaging.

Socio-economic impact

Outcomes of the research utilizing the instrumentation available at Czech-BioImaging will have a positive impact on the quality of life and development of biomedical knowledge of the research community in the Czech Republic. Czech-BioImaging maintains a long-term cooperation with abroad and runs joint innovative projects on development of new imaging methods with the world leading imaging manufacturers. Czech-BioImaging may thus help attracting foreign investments in imaging industry in the Czech Republic and boosting establishment of new companies in this industrial sector.