Czech Centre for Phenogenomics


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Hosting institution: Institute of Molecular Genetics, CAS

CCP is a Research Insfrastructure (RI) which provides expertise and services to the biological and medical research community studying gene function. An understanding of gene function is essential in order for population-based genetic associations using genome-wide association studies and complete sequencing of individual patient genomes to achieve their promise for effective preventative and personalized medical treatment. This will only be possible when we understand the biological role of all genes and their interactions. The CCP research infrastructure thus provides a full spectrum of genetic engineering services, including the generation of mouse models of diseases, cryoarchiving and distribution, advanced phenotyping and imaging techniques as well as specific pathogen free animal housing. CCP is a member of both the pan-European research infrastructure INFRAFRONTIER and the world-wide consortium IMPC (International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium), whose shared goal is to produce a comprehensive “encyclopaedia” of gene function that will help identify causative factors of human diseases and novel targets for therapeutic intervention.

Future development

CCP’s operation is based on a comprehensive portfolio of services and expertise, which are unique in the Czech Republic and competitive worldwide. The CCP research infrastructure strives to continuously improve our operational effectiveness and to ensure maximal utilization of capacity and processes. CCP will also continue to utilise the advanced technological developments technological developments and adopt new tests, as agreed by the consortia partners and is establishing bioinformatics unit, metabolomics and microbiology analaysis and biomedical services in the field of cancer development processes. The goal of CCP is to implement good laboratory practice (GLP) quality management controls and prepare for ISO accreditation. Ensuring adherence to internationally recognized standards of practice will not only boost the credibility, but will also allow CCP to offer its contract research services to the pharmaceutical industry.

Socio-economic impact

The CCP research infrastructure provides the research community with convenient and cost-effective access to a comprehensive portfolio of services, which include transgenic rodent model generation and phenotyping services and thereby serves as an invaluable catalyst for Czech biomedical research and pre-clinical therapeutic development. As an integral contributing partner of respected international consortia (INFRAFRONTIER and IMPC), it contributes to the scientific reputation of the Czech Republic abroad. The expertise of CCP facilitates the earliest stage of the pharmaceutical developmental pipeline, which is becoming increasingly reliant on the type of extensive mechanism of action knowledge provided and facilitated by our services. This is especially relevant as therapies are becoming less population-targeted and more personalized.