ELI Beamlines

Name: Extreme Light Infrastructure – ELI Beamlines

Institution: Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Coordinator: Ing. Roman Hvězda; roman.hvezda@eli-beams.eu


ELI Beamlines is a unique international research infrastructure in its scientific measure, where a new generation of laser technologies are being developed, generating the most intense light pulses in the world. ELI Beamlines provides a facility to perform a large scale of scientific applications, both for basic and applied research, examining the interactions between light with matter using light beamlines intensities that previously never been reached. ELI Beamlines’ mission is to develop and operate the most intense laser system in the world. Thanks to the combination of four high-repetition and high-performance laser systems of 10 PW output (petawatt = 1015 watt) and intensities of 1024W/cm2, the users will have the opportunity to employ unique X-ray laser-based sources, laser-driven particle acceleration beams (electron and ion acceleration), as well as a plasma physics research platform and the study of high-intensity gravitational fields. These so-called beamlines will enable pioneering research not only in the fields of physics and materials science, but also in biomedical and laboratory astrophysics and many other sciences. ELI Beamlines is one of the three pillars of ELI research infrastructure, which is located in the Czech Republic. ELI is a distributed research infrastructure comprising 3 laser centres: ELI Beamlines in Dolní Břežany, Czech Republic; ELI Attosecond in Szeged, Hungary; and ELI Nuclear Physics in Măgurele, Romania. ELI Beamlines’ vision is to establish a unique excellent research facility for Czech and international users, which will provide a platform for a wide range of basic and applied research, inspired by other prosperous world impact research facilities, such as CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire). In the near future (2020), a new legal entity, the European Research Infrastructure Consortium, ELI ERIC, will be established, with the main task of operating and maintaining the three ELI pillars. ELI ERIC will associate Member States representing the most significant experimental research user communities.