ELIXIR CZ Friday Coffee 2021

ELIXIR CZ každý pátek organizuje webináře, kde je možnost seznámit s jejich portfoliem nástrojů a služeb.

Webová stránka akce

Záznam ze webinářů je k dispozici na  ELIXIR CZ YouTube channel.


 5.2. at 9:30 IDSM : Integrated Database of Small Molecules.
Take a look at the webminar and give us your feedback.
 12.2. at 9:30 INTAA and 3DPatch : exploration of energetics and conservation in biomolecular 3D structures.
 19.2. at 9:30 MolMeDB : small Molecules interactions with Membranes DataBase.
 26.2. at 9:30 ELIXIR CZ possibilities for precision medicine.



 5.3. at 9:30  Data Management with Data Stewardship Wizard.
12.3. at 9:30  GlobalFungi database – global fungal community composition obtained by NGS.
19.3. at 9:30  MolStar visualization of biomacromolecules.
26.3. at 9:30  Nucleic Acid Conformations (dnatco.datmos.org).